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Comes with 10 Coins - works with Magnet. (Morgan size) , NO instruction. ** Any scratches on coin..
The first, the finest and the only Manipulation CDs in the world. Designed and made by profes..
Have it sitting on your stage as is, or just the stand - text by ws.magic - sitting there, you w..
Have it sitting on your stage as is, or just the stand sitting there, you walk out, pop open the..
Magnetic Holder For Metal Appearing Cane Magic Trick -17%
This magentic cane holder is used for holding metal appearing cane at your belt. Appearing cane n..
USD12.00 USD10.00
Black Professional Card Mat / Pad Magic Trick -18%
These mats are the perfect working surface to perform or practice. Size around: 41.5cm x 31c..
USD11.00 USD9.00
Great Magic Electronic One Fire snowstorm cannon This item is used for special effects,&nb..
A full size cane appears instantly at your fingertips! Or visibly transform a silk into a cane.&..
Flash Parasol is the latest creation for your umbrella performances. Flash Parasol has a bigger surf..
Throw streamers come in a hand held clear cup and are looped to your hand. Each cup is contains a..
This squeaker is perfect for comedy magic and performing for children. Make it part of your next rou..
Parasol Umbrella Production Vest For Stage Magic Trick -10%
Professional quality vest, well-made, can be put around 8-10 umbrellas. Stage magic show is a..
USD20.00 USD18.00
Folding Top Hat - Black Every Magician Needs One! The Best Magic Hat on the Market today! P..
WHITE Paper Snowstorms (Rectangle-size) A piece of tissue paper is torn to shreds & immersed ..
The manipulation fans‏ set is fit for the DVD of FANtasy by Po Cheng Lai routine. The fra..
The deck itself is a full inch and a half longer than a standard poker size deck, and has a back des..
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