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Download Video - 7 Secrets by Dani DaOrtiz Magic Trick

-58% Download Video - 7 Secrets by Dani DaOrtiz Magic Trick
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These 7 secrets are the go-to routines he uses to destroy the magicians who already own his material.

As a creator he keeps pushing forward by burning the bridge behind him. Now his secrets are your secrets too. 

Taught in expert detail and accompanied by Dani's full performances - so you not only know how it's done, you'll know how it's performed too.

SECRET #1 Psychological Color Change - This routine is worth twice the price of this project alone. It's a color changing deck routine like no other. It will fool you every time you watch it because it doesn't rely on sleight of hand, it relies on a unique psychological technique that fools the mind, not the eyes.

SECRET #2 Card in Bread - This is Dani's card in object effect. With no need for complicated surgery on lemons, Dani makes lemonade with half second prep. No mercury folding, a signed card appears inside a bread roll or similar sized object.

SECRET #3 Different - All cards are black, except for one red card. The spectator is invited to find the only card that's different when dealt in a circle. They make their choice and now all the cards turn red, except for one black card. This is like 3 card monte with 7 cards. More cards, more impact. Easy to do, with no difficult sleight of hand.

SECRET #4 Card in Card - In the beginning of the trailer Dani talks about his favorite effect. An effect he's been saving for a upcoming book with Juan Tamariz, the Maestro himself. It's an ode to Hofzinser, but this effect is so visual, you've just got to see it. People assume that a lot of Dani's material relies on misdirection, but when you apply his genius to anything, the result will always be genius. A MUST SEE.

SECRET #5 Thought of ACAAN - A prediction is made and the spectator freely thinks of a number. They deal down to that number, any number and choose a card. The deck is shown to be normal but their number and card perfectly match your prediction. ULTRA-POWERFUL and almost self working.

SECRET #6 DaOrtiz Vanishing Card Technique - This is the cleverest vanish of a card we've seen in 2 decades of teaching magic. It's perfect. To accompany this technique Dani teaches his new card in box routine where a selected card appears inside the box that was sitting on the table the entire time. A must-learn for ALL magicians.

SECRET #7 Coin in Sugar - For the first time ever, DaOrtiz throws out the deck and swaps it for a coin. This, to his and our knowledge is the first coin effect he's ever published. Imagine how powerful Dani's established thinking is with a brand new tool - a borrowed coin.

BONUS EFFECTS: Dani will also teach 2 of his favorite tricks to perform in restaurants or when out for coffee with friends. We're not going to tell you what these are, they're exclusive for buyers only.

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