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Download Video only! No Shipment! Will send you the download link after your payment within 24 -..
USD45.00 USD28.00
Please prepare your own coin. The diameter of the coin is no larger than 25.5mm and thickness is..
USD40.00 USD25.00
LONER - They name any card and it's the ONLY real card in a blank deck! No sleights - n..
USD25.00 USD17.00
The Sharpie cap is placed on top of a pile of cards then covered with a transparent glass and th..
USD20.00 USD15.00
A card box instantly splits into two half card boxes, then change color from blue to red. Mag..
USD35.00 USD20.00
Out of this world is one of the most popular effects in magic because of how CLEAR and..
USD30.00 USD17.00
From the creative mind of Nicholas Lawrence comes Blade: a classic stage illusion turned cl..
USD30.00 USD14.00
WOW 3.0 (2 change)   Use your own deck. Comes with a WOW 3.0 (2 change). &nbs..
USD15.00 USD8.00
Card lovers rejoice! Ben Earl's definitive treatise on legitimately cutting to the..
USD35.00 USD22.00
The problem with all sponge ball magic is that it happens in a closed fist. For the first tim..
USD50.00 USD34.00
Every time you have a party, every time you have a drink with friends, you have someone asking f..
USD30.00 USD14.00
A signed card that travels to the past and appears inside a balloon. The spectator will have a b..
USD35.00 USD16.00
+ ..
USD80.00 USD28.00
USD40.00 USD16.00
USD40.00 USD16.00
Want to blow away your spectators with diabolical mentalism? Welcome to Mental Pen, a d..
USD39.00 USD16.00
A circle is drawn on the cellophane of a card box. The circle is shown to your spectator. In thi..
USD40.00 USD16.00
UP is a tremendous way for card levitation effect No threads No magnet No force ..
USD30.00 USD16.00
The audience will freak out when you allow them to examine before and after you perform Tra..
USD30.00 USD16.00
Very visual, very sharp, a gimmick that fits a lot of routines, adapt it according to your imagi..
USD28.00 USD16.00
Set includes: 1 leather cylinder 1 leather coaster 1 gimmick stack 4 replica Walking..
Three lovely mini cups and three cute mini balls, which pass back and forth, transfer and exchan..
Bigblindmedia presents The Mene Tekel Deck Project with Liam Montier (BBM317) - The definitive g..
USD16.00 USD16.00
Bigblindmedia presents Deck Ja Vu by John Carey (BBM178) 'Three selections are lost &..
USD18.00 USD16.00
Want to ask a cute girl out? Or maybe do something cute and visual for that special someone? ..
USD18.00 USD16.00
Here's something your audience has never before seen, and it will blow them away! Mind readi..
USD25.00 USD20.00
A card folded 4 ways instantly unfolds itself! lt's the latest challenge taken up by the ..
USD25.00 USD14.00
There is a reason that this is Sean Heydon's opening routine at every single close-up magic ..
USD20.00 USD14.00
There is nothing edited or any kind of CGI (computer-generated imagery) used to show his Miracle..
USD25.00 USD20.00
Patick Kun and Do Ki Moon - Korea Live Magic Lecture DVD Content: Patrick Kun  (Engli..
USD25.00 USD14.00
This is one of Shoot Ogawa's most unique effects. Shoot will teach you to "magnetize..
Mark Elsdon is a diabolical inventor of great magic, and has consulted for all of the big na..
USD25.00 USD15.00
All the way from France, Vision Deck will allow you to perform real miracles that your spectator..
USD25.00 USD16.00
A modern approach to the classic moving finger trick, making it a highly visual and impactful ev..
USD20.00 USD16.00
The magician pours milk into a paper cup. He makes a magical gesture to the milk-filled cup. ..
USD40.00 USD28.00
Spring Flowers and silk are included (color is random selected). The vanishing bottle in a tu..
USD28.00 USD25.00
From the mind of Jordan Victoria all the way from France, Travel is a direct and visual approach..
A spectator takes a card from a deck. Quickly looks at it and returns it to the deck. The perfor..
USD15.00 USD10.00
If you're looking for a practical, reliable and undetectable tool for secretly reading what ..
USD25.00 USD22.00
The performer makes the transparent cane float in the air as he wishes, then the cane jumps,..
USD34.00 USD28.00
Link the mints on a packet of P*L*, then link the mints too! "Linko is a fun, organic ef..
USD16.00 USD12.00
Download Video only! No Shipment! Will send you the download link after your payment within 24 -..
Hopping half finger ring version. Color Changing finger ring, Multiplying finger rings, and s..
USD75.00 USD70.00
Comes with 10 Coins - works with Magnet. (Morgan size) , NO instruction. ** Any scratches on coin..
SansMinds Sharpie is a game-changing Sharpie marker designed for magicians' everyday miracle..
USD20.00 USD16.00
An Andrus classic is now BACK! The Andrus Floating Card is a beautiful illusion. Two separate pl..
USD10.00 USD9.00
The first, the finest and the only Manipulation CDs in the world. Designed and made by profes..
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